oscar bio picture whiteOscar Silvera, Karate Sensei

Oscar Silvera, Sensei is the Dojo's Hombu Cho (Headquarters Director) and Chief Instructor in Karate of the International Budo Ryokukai in Michigan. A direct student of Katzumi Niikura, Sensei; 8th Dan in Karate & 5th Dan in Aikido, founder of the International Budo Ryokukai.
Silvera Sensei's dedication to martial arts is evident through his diverse training background. Since embarking on his martial arts journey in 1984, he has explored various disciplines, including Iaido, Aikido, Taekwondo, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kudo, Kobudo, Krav Maga, Tai chi, Kickboxing, Kung fu, and many others. This extensive experience has shaped him into a well-rounded martial artist with a deep understanding of different combat styles.

antonio garcia
Antonio Garcia, Judo Sensei

Antonio Garcia, Sensei has decades of experience and expertise in the art of Judo. As a dedicated practitioner and instructor, he has honed his skills under the guidance of renowned masters, embodying the principles of judo both on and off the mat. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to his students' development, Antonio Sensei continues to inspire and empower judoka of all levels on their journey to mastery. His unwavering dedication to the art of judo has earned him the respect and admiration of the martial arts community.

Jose Feliz, Aikido Sensei

Jose Feliz, Sensei embarked on his journey in Aikido back in 1991 under the inspiring guidance of Katsumi Niikura Sensei at the esteemed International Budo Ryokukai in Sterling Heights, MI. With dedication and perseverance, he attained the prestigious Shodan Rank in 1993, followed by the enriching achievement of Nidan Rank in 1995.
Driven by his passion for sharing the art, he eagerly commenced teaching Saturday classes at Hombu Dojo in 2011, igniting a flame of enthusiasm within him. In parallel, he began a journey of inner harmony and balance through Yang Style Tai Chi in 1997, guided by the inspiring mentorship of Sifu Robert Brown at the School of Chinese Martial Arts in Berkley, MI.
With dedication and devotion, he completed his Tai Chi training under the esteemed Sifu Thomas Smith at the sacred grounds of the Shaolin Temple in Westland, MI, embodying the essence of this ancient practice.

Brian Mellinger, Kudo Sensei

Brian Mellinger, Sensei is a dedicated practitioner of Kudo Karate, having trained extensively in Japan under the guidance of Soke founder Ozuma. With a passion for martial arts and a commitment to excellence, Brian has honed his skills in both striking and grappling, embodying the spirit of Kudo in every aspect of his training. Known for his discipline and determination, he continues to push himself to new heights, seeking mastery in the  art of Kudo Karate.

Steve StanleySteve Stanley, Kali Guro

Steve Stanley embarked on his martial arts journey in 1984 under the tutelage of Karl Scott. Initially, he delved into kung fu and aikido training guided by Sensei Karl Scott. Later on, he furthered his understanding of aikido under Sensei Takashi Kushida and explored training in various Japanese jujutsu schools. Additionally, he engaged in brief training sessions in Western boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), and judo, primarily through semester classes at the University of Michigan.

Continuing his martial arts exploration, Steve briefly studied Aikijutsu before discovering Shorinji Kempo, where he dedicated 20 years of training under Sensei Gary Dolce, achieving the rank of Nidan. Towards the conclusion of his tenure in Shorinji Kempo, he encountered a Kali school and promptly joined under Tuhon Justin Shaffner, attaining the rank of Mataas na Guro in Pekiti-Tirsia-Kali in 2022. Presently, Steve is actively engaged in training sessions for Kudo, Judo, and Kali.

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