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“A family’s support is fundamental for  kid’s success. One of the best things you can do for your child is to offer them a healthy and safe environment where they can develop a strong character though hard work, and showing them that they can count on you to guide them to face any challenges they may have.”


Human beings are social individuals by nature who live in society, and we all like to know that we have someone to trust and count on for support.

In our childhood no one knows us better than our parents and family; they are the one who we trust the most. When a child knows that they can rely on their parents for guidance and support it provides the child with more freedom to be brave and take on challenges that will promote improvements in all areas.

Every child has a different goal that they are trying to reach though martial arts. Some of them are looking for more discipline, where as, some others are simply looking to exercise. Whatever their goals are, for example, listening skills, coordination, staying focused, working in a group, self confidence, self defense, or how to deal with a bully; it becomes much easier to accomplish these things in a supportive environment.

That is why when parents and coaches team up it becomes extremely important for the child’s development and achievement of the main specific goal for that child in martial arts. The exchange of information will allow parents and coaches to have a better understanding of the methods used to accomplish the desired goal, and to evaluate results and correct mistakes. Professors and Coaches work with the kids on the mats using special training methods to strengthen their bodies, mind, and spirit. Parents work with the kids at home encouraging good behavior and success.

We would like to say thank you to all the parents who support our Future Champions on a daily basis because the parent’s participation is so important. Especially to the moms who work hard to bring their kids to class everyday. They always have something nice and supportive to say.



In this past Olympics in London, Proctor & Gamble did an outstanding campaign thanking all moms who support their kids in  sports. We highly recommend watching these amazing videos that show great examples of hard work, perseverance, fighting against all odds, and never giving up mentality. Like Natalie Hawkins, mom of Gabrielle Douglas, who had to “learn how to let go”, or Lori Jones, mom of Lolo Jones, who passed on to her daughter the “keep fighting attitude”.


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